Date: 20 September 2019

Location: Centre Copenhagen | Copenhagen, Denmark

In cooperation with Henley Business School, Boyden A/S had the pleasure to invite to a breakfast meeting with the theme Responsible and sustainable business in a strategic perspective. Boyden A/S is very proud to be able to attract one of the very big capacities in the field, Dr. Peter McManners, to make his contribution. Peter McManners is professor and leader of Henley Business School, faculty for Strategy & International Business, where focus is on research in this area and not least with a strong connection to what global companies do in this field, and what makes results for both their bottom line and our planet.

During his presentation, Peter touched upon the latest research and gave examples of some the best practices that he has come across in the field. Peter also discussed the leadership dilemmas with the audience which brought up quite an interesting debate in the room.

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