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Asia Pacific Regional Analysis: Exploring adaptivity through strategy and talent

Today’s complex landscape demands adaptive, empathetic leaders, who accelerate decision-making to navigate opportunity and mitigate risk.

Business leaders in the region are facing a slowing trajectory on growth, particularly in China, a contraction in manufacturing activity and weakening global demand for exports. However, GDP growth remains robust, with Asia predicted to contribute around 70% to global growth this year in the face of inflation, debt, and financial vulnerabilities.

Our respondents are therefore very confident in their organisation’s growth potential. However, at a more granular level, there are acknowledged challenges ahead. Growth driven by digital transformation and innovation prompts a need for different executive skill sets, while structural change is stimulating a thirst for more diverse and globally-focused executives.

Specific to respondents across Asia Pacific, this regional report is based on data from our 2023 global report, Exploring Adaptivity Through Strategy and TalentHighlighting data and trends across the region, our findings show strong indicators for adaptivity in a region with broadening global perspectives, and that leadership visibility is mission-critical to inspire teams, drive change and attract or retain talent. Additional insights from Boyden industry experts across the region help form a nuanced picture of the region's leadership and executive talent landscape. 

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