Case Study

Assuring Key Positions in Multinational Fintech

Boyden completed C-suite critical placements in Legal, Risk, and Compliance in various European regions.

By Lourdes Lopez

The Client

Fintech is a highly competitive market wherein client faces difficulty in expanding internationally. This Fintech belongs to a leading European bank with operations worldwide, and is a high-tech global payment platform that helps improve businesses' secure operations while providing the best checkout experience for customers everywhere.

The Challenge

The Fintech sought to add first-class talent in critical positions, as regulatory pressure and a very dynamic business market required extra assurance of bullet-proof operations. Legal, Compliance and Risks were the areas entrusted to Boyden, as no senior internal candidates were found within the corporation.

The Solution

Create a real partnership with the client by agreeing on clear definition of positions, roles, profiles, skills, and competencies across all the assignments, as well as fine-tune the search process and transform talent sources.

Think out of the box and go beyond the obvious direct competitors by extending the candidate targets to dependable technology players and even to some niche unknown companies in the market. This resulted in an innovative search strategy that the client adopted and agreed to even for its own further talent acquisitions.

Help both the client and the candidates by generating an environment of mutual trust while tackling issues such as diversity, inclusion, professional rewards, and career development.

The Result

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