In the last of our Boyden Brief roundtable sessions for 2021, we share an overview of the results from our poll questions on the impact of Brexit, the Covid pandemic and how these will impact interim roles moving forward in to 2022.

By Josh Blackman, Lisa Farmer, Claire Lauder, Richard Plaistowe

Many of you will have attended or reviewed the outcome of the Boyden UK & Ireland team webinars that we hosted once a quarter to keep connected with the interim management community during a period time where we were not always able to be together face to face. The quarterly ‘Boyden Brief Calls’ have provided us with a great platform to keep interim managers updated on our activity levels and to also run polls during the calls which provide an interesting snapshot of feedback from the interims about a variety of topical subjects.

In this last of the Boyden Brief sessions for 2021 we posed a number of questions around the impact of Brexit, Covid pandemic and how they would impact interim roles as we moved in to 2022. Here we share an overview of the results of the questions and answers from the last poll of 2021:

Q1. Q4 Activity Versus Q3 2021

We wanted to understand whether the last quarter of the year was busier than the previous quarter; particularly as we had seen a significant increase in the volume of assignments coming through to us from clients in the last quarter of 2021. It appeared that the experience of the interim managers was the same with 50% stating that they were busier in the last quarter compared to July-September.

Q2. Drivers of interim requirements

Within our business the drivers of the interim assignments reflected the poll results shared by the interim management community with only 6% hearing about ‘business as usual’ roles, with the majority of assignments being driven by change/transformation, growth or turnaround needs.

Q3. Expected drivers for interim roles in 2022?

The interim’s feedback from the poll question around types of roles for 2022 were mostly focused on ‘positive growth’, which made up 46% overall. A combined 36% around operational improvement and cost out focused with 18% of the interims sharing their view that we will see businesses needing to focus on restructuring and turnaround.

Q4. How the consequences of Brexit will impact UK PLC over the long term

We asked the interims whether the decision taken on Brexit would continue to impact UK PLCs as we head into 2020. As reflected in the original vote, the views were quite close with a narrow majority of interims 53% sharing that they felt the consequences would be detrimental to UK PLCs and 41% thought it would beneficial over the long term.

Q5. The impact of the pandemic on Interim’s geographical mobility for assignments

Overwhelmingly the interims that answered the poll question around whether they would stay away overnight for an assignment said the pandemic had not changed their attitude to staying away, with 94% happy to work as and where the client requires them to, reflecting the truly flexible nature of an interim.

Q6. Will IR35 pose a greater problem in 2022 versus 2021

Finally, we couldn’t have a Boyden Brief in 2021 without asking for feedback about IR35 as it has had an impact on private sector interim roles this year. The majority of interims thought the impact would be same but interestingly 37% saw it as more of an issue as we head into 2022.

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