Examining the obstacles faced by female executives, and how organizations can increase female leadership and reap the benefits.

Trina Gordon
President & CEO
Boyden World Corporation


“There are great examples of organisations actively promoting diversity and inclusion or seeking the breadth and depth of capabilities that will help them achieve their business goals.
That being said, talented female executives continue to get overlooked for leadership positions.

It is unfortunate, as many organisations are missing opportunities to tap into incredible leaders. At Boyden, we are committed to ensuring our clients are exposed to the leadership that can be critical to their success.”

Why Increase Female Leadership?

Female leaders are a vital element in achieving future growth, new ways of thinking, new ways of working and new paths to success.

Our Research on Female Leadership in Europe

As part of Boyden’s ambition to disrupt the norm on female leadership, Boyden Partners in eight European countries conducted research into the barriers, enablers and solutions for increasing female leadership in the consumer & retail, financial services, healthcare, industrial and tech sectors. The research involved 800 hours of in-depth, face-to-face interviews, conducted in Q4 2017 and Q1 2018.

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