Executive Vice President of leading business membership and research association shares talent engagement insights and strategies

NEW YORK, August 1, 2018 Boyden, a premier global talent and leadership advisory firm, today released the latest issue of its Leadership Series, featuring an in-depth interview with Dr. Rebecca Ray, Executive Vice President of the Knowledge Organization, human capital practice lead, and director of The Engagement Institute at The Conference Board.

In the interview, Ray discusses recent shifts in the talent landscape impacting talent attraction and retention, employee engagement and leadership development in the increasingly specialized and complex workplace.

“Dr. Rebecca Ray’s research and counsel have provided important guidance to countless companies navigating the challenges and demands of today’s business landscape and preparing leadership for the future,” said Trina Gordon, President & CEO of Boyden. “Highlighting important advancements in the rapidly changing field of human capital, Rebecca is a valuable resource offering cross-industry knowledge and expertise.”

Prior to The Conference Board, Ray served as a senior executive at several leading companies, where she was responsible for issues surrounding talent acquisition, organizational development, leadership development, employee engagement, performance management, executive assessment and succession planning. She previously taught at Oxford and New York Universities and led a consulting practice, offering leadership assessment and development to Fortune 500 companies and top-tier professional services firms. Ray was named “Chief Learning Officer of the Year” by Chief Learning Officer magazine and one of the “Top 100 People in Leadership Development” by Warren Bennis’s Leadership Excellence magazine.

Ray is the co-author of numerous publications focused on leadership development and engagement, and a frequent speaker at professional and company-sponsored conferences and business briefings around the world. She received her Ph.D. from New York University.

The full interview with Dr. Rebecca Ray is available by clicking here.

About the Series

Boyden’s Leadership Series is an ongoing publication that highlights the views of high-profile business leaders on issues relevant to leadership, management and talent acquisition. The series’ editors conduct interviews with heads of corporations and other key organizations across the globe to further growth and the exchange of ideas.

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