At the executive level, defining and selling your personal brand is crucial. Pull your career documents together into a seamlessly branded package.

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You are an expert at leveraging resources to create successful companies and teams. As an extension of this, you should also take advantage of resources that can be utilized for an efficient and effective career management plan. In many cases, this goes beyond simply creating an up-to-date resume/CV (though your resume/CV is still a major part of your marketing toolkit).

Submitting a resume/CV by itself is rarely appropriate, so it should not be viewed as your exclusive career document. Your resume/CV should be a part of your branded marketing toolkit and have consistent messaging with the rest of your career documents.

Thinking about your career documents as a full package also makes it easier to submit your candidacy for executive jobs. You can seamlessly add your cover letter/E-note, bio, and LinkedIn profile to your job submissions when requested, giving executive recruiters and potential employers a much more detailed look at your qualifications and expertise.

Explore the articles in this section, and take a deep dive into your resume/CV, LinkedIn profile, bio, and cover letter/E-note. These are the basic documents we recommend including in your marketing toolkit, but you could also expand this toolkit further by including a personal website, business cards, a blog, and other self-branded online and offline documents.

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