Case Study

Driving Organizational Change: Interim Programme Director's Success in a Technology Business

Transforming a tech company through improved processes, governance, and customer experience.

By Daniel Harrison

The Client

The company is a technology business that has been established for some time and is currently undergoing a planned period of transformation.

The Challenge

This technology business had started a change transformation programme and identified the need for an interim to support them with the next phase of work. They needed more consistent management across all projects, visible leadership, and a better understanding of progress, status and financial pipeline.  The presales process was further governance, and the teams needed a more structured method of managing workloads and prioritising their tasks.

The Solution

The interim worked with the business to design an effective process guide to ensure there was a clear methodology and process of how to manage the opportunities from end to end.  Once the process was agreed upon, the interim implemented the processes using accessible visual tools that allowed all stakeholders to understand the status, risks and challenges. The interim then introduced and formalized transitions and ensured a comprehensive training programme for effective delivery. The interim was then able to produce management insights using the data captured and communicated this with the wider management team.

The Result

The business was left with an objective framework to ensure more accurate delivery, driving effective client satisfaction.  Teams felt more empowered and better informed.  Leadership had the actionable data they needed to forecast accurately and were able to make key decisions about organisational structure and size.  Overall, the client had more controlled, better documented, predictable processes. The client felt that the interim improved processes, injected more governance, and improved their financial reporting and customer experience. The interim was a self starter and without close supervision sorted out a number of key issues for the business.

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