Case Study

Driving Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction in the Woodworking Industry

An Interim Global Head of Quality implemented sensitive change management practices and raised awareness of quality responsibility and risk management in large-scale projects for a German surface finishing company. As a result, the company saw a significant reduction in error costs across multiple sites that produce machinery, equipment, and systems for various industries.

By Dirk Niederberghaus

The Client

Boyden‘s client is a century-old company with around 450 employees globally. They are the leading manufacturer of equipment and customized solutions in the coatings industry, taking a pioneering role in developing and implementing solutions for various industries. The company has subsidiaries in Europe, North America, and Asia, and over 80% of their business comes from exports.

The Challenge 

As the Interim Head of Quality for three locations - two in Europe and one in Germany - the manager was responsible for various tasks, including:

The manager also led several quality projects, such as:

The manager was responsible for maintaining DIN ISO 9001:2015 certification, achieving project objectives, and reporting to the CEO.

The Solution

During the twelve-month mandate, the Interim Manager addressed various tasks, such as analyzing customer projects to reduce error costs, working with an external specialist to ensure conformity with legal requirements for machine safety, redefining supplier management processes and contracts, improving delivery quality at a European assembly plant, and advancing quality planning for a large-scale plant project. The manager faced challenges such as reduced personnel resources, Covid19-related absences among employees and suppliers, and resistance to change among some managers. The manager also spent considerable time communicating with Eastern European suppliers to ensure delivery quality and dates due to different quality standards.

The Results

Despite the challenges faced, the Interim Manager successfully achieved the following goals:

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