Ericsson’s business turnaround and COVID-19 response has been recognized in Sweden through a Change Leader of the Year 2020 award for company President and CEO, Börje Ekholm.

Awarded by Boyden Executive Search and Interim Search, the honor recognizes business leaders who successfully led their staff and operations in an inspiring way through change. The award also reflects the company’s positive impact on society.

The winning citation highlights Ericson’s successful R&D-led business turnaround strategy, which the company completed in 2020 through sustained profitable growth. The company’s internal and external response to the COVID-19 award was also highlighted in the citation, as was Ericsson’s 5G leadership.

“During the year, Börje Ekholm has shown exceptional ability to lead his organization for a period of very large external influence,” it reads: “He has been a role model in changing operations quickly and efficiently and enabling teleworking for the majority of the 100,000 employees spread over 180 countries. Under Börje's leadership, Ericson has had a positive share development. The company has gone from loss to profit. Ericsson’s ambitious investment in 5G also guarantees continued growth.”

The citation concludes: “He is described as one down-to-earth rock star who is accessible to all, with a simple appearance and a confident leader in both successes and setbacks.”

Ekholm says he is proud to accept the award on behalf of all Ericsson employees.

“It is in my name but be in no doubt that this award belongs to all employees in Ericsson. They have worked tirelessly to turn around our business and work through the difficult COVID-19 circumstances to meet our customers connectivity needs in the pandemic.”

He adds: “From R&D through to deploying 5G, they are all role models. Thanks to Boyden Executive Search and Interim Search for this recognition for Ericsson in our home market. My Ericsson colleagues and I will take it as motivation to continue to deliver the best possible connectivity solutions, services and industry leadership for our customers around the world.”

Award press release (In Swedish): Ericssons vd, Börje Ekholm, får vår utmärkelse för sitt unika sätt att leda till framgång – trots pandemins stora utmaningar (Ericsson's CEO, Börje Ekholm, receives our award for his unique way of leading to success - despite the pandemic's great challenges)

Awarding body interview with Börje Ekholm (In Swedish): Vinnare - Årets Förändringsledare 2020. Börje Ekholm, vd, Ericsson.(Winner: Change Leader of the Year 2020.Börje Ekholm, CEO, Ericsson.)

Original Source: Ericsson News

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