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Europe Regional Analysis: Exploring adaptivity through strategy and talent

Today’s complex landscape demands adaptive, empathetic leaders, who accelerate decision-making to navigate opportunity and mitigate risk.

Multiple ‘black swan’ events have driven leaders to ask extraordinary things of themselves and the people in their organisations, pushing them to be more closely connected in their decision-making. The impact of conflict in Ukraine on the European psyche, subsequent inflation and rising costs is driving a need for leadership visibility, empathy and inspirational change. Leaders and their teams are responding with exceptional levels of determination, driving innovation and showing a new suppleness in their approach.

Specific to respondents across Europe, this regional report is based on data from our 2023 global report, Exploring Adaptivity Through Strategy and TalentHighlighting findings and trends in Europe, our research reveals a cohesive narrative around adaptive leadership, rapid change, digital transformation, strategic flexibility and agile decision-making. Additional insights from Boyden industry experts across the region help form a nuanced picture of the European leadership and executive talent landscape. 

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