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Executive mobility in the Brazilian market

By Euri Cruz

As an important part of our executive search work, Boyden in Brazil conducts a yearly salary survey aimed to better understand the benefit and compensation practices for a number of executive positions in different sectors of activity in the Brazilian economy. This is the 39th edition of the survey, which takes as reference salaries of April 2018.

Executive Mobility in the Brazilian Market

Over the last twelve months we have observed a higher rate of hiring of executives in the Brazilian market, when compared to the previous year. This reinforces the perception that the worst moment for the economy has already passed, even though in absolute numbers companies are still shrinking their numbers of executives.

Although there is still a great demand for candidates designated as “high potential” by companies, the crisis in Brazil evidenced the need for more mature professionals in positions of leadership, with emotional intelligence and proven experience in times of crisis. If by 2014 the companies gave total preference to young executives in the range of 40-45 years, this range has now increased significantly for C-level positions. Today, executives over 50 years old are more valued.

The incisive performance of investment funds in the acquisition of local companies from various market segments has required greater professionalism and change management of such organizations. The demand for faster, more consistent results, and the structuring of processes and policies, brought the need for many executives to switch to "oxygenate" the command of such companies.

A similar movement has been observed in succession processes of family groups which have sought help from specialized consultancies to make their succession process less traumatic.

We also could see there were more opportunities for hiring executives in replacement processes rather than headcount increases. Companies are still in the process of adapting to the difficult economic period, both in the domestic market and in international markets.

Another important aspect is that companies are much more attentive to the ethics and integrity of the candidates (and vice versa) because of the compliance and ethical problems reported almost daily in the media.

Executive Compensation Survey

All the companies which participated are in the private sector, mainly in the South and Southeast of Brazil. Taken as a whole, they well represent the most advanced part of the Brazilian economy.

The information of survey participants is divided into three different groups, according to their annual revenues, as shown in the following table:

It is a pleasure to share the content of this study with the 140 participants and client companies. For more information email or telephone +55 11 3382 8300 and ask for Euri Cruz, or any Boyden Partner.

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