Jens Fabrowsky, EVP of Automotive Electronics at Robert Bosch GmbH, covers game-changing shifts and opportunities across the semiconductor and automotive sector, sustainability, pivots in the current environment and more. 

By Jutta Menzenbach

Boyden’s Fuelling Sustainability: An Executive View presents discussions with business and thought leaders on the issue of renewable energy and sustainability. In a micro-interview format, the series delivers diverse, global perspectives from executives across a number of industries, highlighting the unique considerations, opportunities, and obstacles across sectors and regions. The conversation is an extension of Boyden's recent issue of Resilient Leadership: Fuelling Renewable Energy, featuring the expert opinion of our Energy Practice Group Partners.

This edition features semiconductor components and automotive electronics expert Jens Fabrowsky, Executive VP of Automotive Electronics at Robert Bosch GmbH. A member of the Divisional Board of the Automotive Electronics Division since 2012, and responsible for the Semiconductor Division since 2017, Jens contributes to Bosch’s vision of pursuing mobility that is sustainable, safe, and exciting, leading a team in the development of high-tech semiconductors and sensors in automotive and consumer applications. 

In discussion with Boyden Partner and Global Sector Leader, Automotive, Jutta Menzenbach, the conversation covers game-changing shifts and opportunities arising across the sector, industry-wide transformation, sustainability, critical pivots in the current environment, consumer response, and the behavioral changes organizations and society will need to implement to have an impact.  

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Find more on the topic from Boyden's energy practice group Partners, including Thomas Zay (United States), Kjetil Haug-Nodeland (Norway), Lisa Pendleton (Australia), Morten Winther (Denmark), Kevin Gormely (Canada), and Allan Marks (Australia). 

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