Caryn Nightengale, Chief Financial Officer, Wisk Aero covers game-changing shifts and opportunities arising across sustainability within aviation, critical pivots in the current environment and more. 

By Aaron Griffin

Boyden’s Fueling Sustainability: An Executive View presents discussions with business and thought leaders on the issue of renewable energy and sustainability. In a micro-interview format, the series delivers diverse, global perspectives from executives across a number of industries, highlighting the unique considerations, opportunities, and obstacles across sectors and regions. The conversation is an extension of Boyden's recent issue of Resilient Leadership: Fuelling Renewable Energy, featuring the expert opinion of our Energy Practice Group Partners.

This edition features finance and business transformation expert Caryn Nightengale, Chief Financial Officer of Wisk Aero. With a strong background in leading companies through complex organizational transformation in startup, launch, and hyper-growth phases, Caryn joined Wisk – the company behind the first all-electric, self-flying air taxi in the U.S. with backing from The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk Corporation – in 2019. Through partnerships with other aviation leaders, like NASA, Wisk is creating autonomous flight-based solutions that address the growing urban mobility crisis in a way that is safe, effective, accessible, and sustainable.

In discussion with Boyden Partner, Aaron Griffin, the conversation covers game-changing shifts and opportunities arising across sustainability within aviation and mobility, industry-wide transformation, critical pivots in the current environment, consumer response, and the behavioral changes organizations and society will need to implement to have an impact. 

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Find more on the topic from Boyden's energy practice group Partners, including Thomas Zay (United States), Kjetil Haug-Nodeland (Norway), Lisa Pendleton (Australia), Morten Winther (Denmark), Kevin Gormely (Canada), and Allan Marks (Australia). 

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