Case Study

Fulfilling Transformation: Tabacalera USA's Journey to Supply Chain Excellence

Discover how Tabacalera USA, a leader in the premium cigar market, partnered with Boyden Miami to revolutionize their supply chain operations, navigating challenges and achieving unprecedented success in record time.

By Eduardo Rabassa

The Client

Tabacalera USA stands as a prominent entity in the premium cigar market within the United States, commanding a significant share of sales in a market that represents over 65% of premium cigars sold globally. With a workforce exceeding 450 individuals, Tabacalera USA encompasses three distinct business arms: Altadis USA, renowned for manufacturing and distributing iconic brands such as Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta; JRCigars.Com, a leading online cigar retailer; and Casa de Montecristo, boasting a network of over 20 retail stores.

The Challenge

Tabacalera USA encountered the pivotal task of establishing a new Supply Chain team following the separation from Imperial Brands, their former service provider. This transition marked a substantial transformation, necessitating the relocation of several million cigars to a new facility and the construction of a distribution center from scratch. Identifying the right leader for this critical role proved daunting, compounded by the tight labor market in the United States and the specialized skills required.

The Solution

Engaging with Boyden’s team in Miami, a trusted partner with whom Tabacalera USA had cultivated a longstanding relationship, proved instrumental in navigating this challenge. Eduardo Rabassa, Managing Partner, and his team possessed an intimate understanding of Tabacalera USA's operations, market dynamics, and vision for the US market. Leveraging this deep knowledge, Boyden expedited the executive search process, swiftly presenting an exceptional candidate who not only possessed the requisite skills but also exhibited values and behaviors that seamlessly aligned with Tabacalera USA's organizational culture.

The Results

In record time, Tabacalera USA welcomed a new Vice President of Supply Chain, who spearheaded a remarkable transformation within the organization's supply chain operations. Under their leadership, a new supply chain team was assembled, seamlessly transitioning millions of cigars to the new distribution center, and fostering a shared vision for the future. Today, Tabacalera USA's Supply Chain stands as a testament to this achievement, reflecting the successful collaboration between Boyden Miami and Tabacalera USA in realizing strategic objectives and driving operational excellence.

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