Join this session for actionable insights on how you can use networking to drive your career and participate in a workshop to build your own personal elevator pitch to use in networking.

Date & Time: 4th June 2024, 12:30-1:30 pm BST
Location: Virtual

A recent LinkedIn poll lists 5 key problems with building a professional network in your field:

1 - Lack of time
2 - Lack of confidence
3 - Lack of diversity
4 - Lack of value
5 - Lack of follow-up

Networking is not something you can neglect or postpone indefinitely. It is essential to your career development and can open up new opportunities and connections. To overcome this challenge, you must prioritise networking and make it a regular habit. You can start by setting aside some time each week or month to attend events, reach out to contacts, or follow up with leads.

Host: Nicola Louise Newby
Delivery and Performance Director, GSK

Guest speaker: Josh Blackman
Partner, Boyden UK & Ireland

For more details and to register, click the image below:

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