This crisis changed the way we live our lives.
For the better. For ever. Just imagine.

By Claire Lauder
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I am pleased to see the open letter to the UK Manufacturing sector from THE RT HON ALOK SHARMA MP.

At last, UK Manufacturing is very firmly back on the government radar, along with a much greater appreciation of the sector from the wider general public, those who have perhaps never previously been connected to the sector.

I am certain that this will be a huge turning point as people outside of the sector realise just how important manufacturing is to the prosperity and wellbeing of everyone in this country. I am sure that the way the sector has responded and collaborated in order to collectively provide solutions to the #covid19 crisis will inspire future generations of scientists, technologists and engineers, for many years to come.

Just imagine what we could achieve if we applied the same camaraderie and collaboration that we have witnessed during this crisis. Imagine if the speed from prototype to market continued at the pace it has during #covid19. Imagine if the forced adoption of technologies created the change readiness mindset that we so desperately need to harness in order to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Imagine if technology enabled better health protection for everyone, regardless of your age, location or any other demographic.

I penned a blog to Theresa May sometime back when she first became Prime Minister, this seems like a long time ago now. But in reality, my wishes remain the same.

Wouldn’t it be great if our government committed to funding projects through education and industry which not only inspired our scientists and engineers of the future, but also tackled many of the issues we are facing, not only as a country but as a planet? 

By real-life issues, I am referring to climate change, growing populations, aging populations, diminishing health, predicted food shortages, education, housing and sustainability.

Is there hope that we can once again become a United Kingdom? Creating a bigger, bolder and more ambitious nation. A nation where we look after everyone, including those that are more vulnerable and those that are not born into privilege. Can we use the incredible manufacturing ingenuity in this country to unite a nation and to inspire the next generation?

I know we still have some way to go and there are many incredible people doing incredible jobs during this health crisis. Words will never be able to express how grateful we are to the front line health workers, alongside the forgotten heroes that are keeping the country moving, keeping our bellies full and water coming out of our taps.

I look forward to the day when we can "imagine if.........."

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