Case Study

Innovation at Scale: Transforming Logistics for the Future

Embark on a journey of enterprise transformation as a Fortune 500 logistics giant navigates the complexities of global expansion, operational alignment, and strategic partnership to unlock unprecedented efficiencies and drive sustainable growth.

By Claire Lauder

The Client

The client is a fortune 500 company, the largest global pure-play contract logistics company specialising in outsourced supply chains and reverse logistics for blue-chip customers. They are renowned for their cutting-edge warehousing and distribution services, designing, managing, and optimising supply chains, to deliver customised, tech-enabled solutions at scale to the world’s most successful companies.  

Operating in 27 countries, with 869 locations, 208 million sq. ft of warehouse space, and approximately 94,000 employees. Full-year revenue of $9.8 billion.

The Challenge

At the Capital Market Day on 12 January 2023, shareholders were presented with an aggressive growth agenda targeting $17 billion, organic growth of 8-12%, and the generation of $60M in central efficiencies by 2027. To achieve these goals, leveraging global economies of scale was imperative. This required identifying a strategic Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) partner to support global optimisation, centralise functions, standardise operating structures, and streamline end-to-end processes, and roles. The organisation had expanded organically through multiple acquisitions, resulting in an immature, inefficient, and fragmented structure with varying operational practices. The cultural and operational differences across regions further complicated decision-making, with numerous regional and functional requests for proposals (RFPs) and conflicting vendor selections.

The Executive Leadership Team lacked global alignment, with differing drivers, perspectives, and future expectations. Recognising the need for external BPO expertise from inception, the organisation sought leadership to ensure a successful outcome.

The Solution

The Results

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