Case Study

Interim Global Head of Production, Renewable Energy, Germany

Boyden Interim Management leads the manufacturing plant change process to successful implementation at a renowned renewable energy manufacturer, enabling the sustainable transformation of this company's manufacturing operations.

By Stephan Franken, Dirk Niederberghaus

The Client 

Our client is a leading manufacturer of systems in the field of renewable energies in an international group of companies with a high vertical range of manufacturing.

The Challenge 

In order to ensure the international competitiveness and thus the future potential of the company, production must be realigned and transformed. Here, the key areas for optimization are the topics of cost and capacity utilization efficiency at the forefront of the management task. The adaptation of production structures and manufacturing processes are identified as important milestones. In particular, the internationalization of the value chain and the implementation of defined turnaround measures represent the challenge for the interim manager.

The Solution 

Our interim manager has over twenty years of experience in management positions in the production sector of international corporations. As COO, he has supported companies in transformation projects and restructuring cases, led the PMO and has M&A project experience. He is very familiar with the management of large international teams and the consideration of culture-specific requirements.

In the present project, as Interim Global Head of Production, he accompanied the set-up and production start-up of a new plant in the Far East. He prepared the sale of the German plant to a strategic investor by optimizing one component site and closing an unprofitable component site. He ensured cost-optimized production at the two main sites by introducing LEAN Production and established flow production to ensure on-time and on-budget implementation of major projects.

The Results 

The construction and establishment of the new plant in the Far East resulted in a significant reduction in production costs. The switch to flow production led to a significant improvement in on-time delivery. Productivity increase and quality improvement could be achieved and standardized by LEAN Production. The interim manager trained his permanent successor and successfully handed over responsibility to the new job holder.

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