Hosted by Nick Robeson, Managing Partner at Boyden UK & Ireland, 'Leaders in Focus' features one-on-one conversations with C-Suite leaders, delving into their businesses, passions and journeys that define their success.

Welcome to Leaders in Focus, featuring exclusive conversations with prominent figures shaping industries and driving positive change. In this episode, we welcome Neil Davy, a distinguished leader and the Chief Executive Officer of Family Business UK.

Prior to assuming his current role, Neil carved an impressive path in the corporate world. Serving as the Group Director of Responsible Business and Public Affairs at Capita Plc and holding the position of Global CEO at Corporate Citizenship, an international management consultancy focusing on sustainability, Neil has been at the forefront of responsible business practices.

His journey began in Asia, where he initiated his career in international development with the UNHCR. Transitioning into marketing services and management consultancy, Neil's professional trajectory led him through Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai and Tokyo before ultimately settling in London. Here, he took on global client roles, servicing a diverse portfolio that included FTSE100 and privately owned international companies.

Beyond his corporate endeavours, he dedicates his time to serving as a RNLI crew member on the East Sussex – Kent coast and engaging in coastal rowing.

In conversation with Boyden’s Nick Robeson, join us in this insightful dialogue as Neil shares his wealth of experience and sheds light on the challenges of leadership, the art of change and the advocacy efforts driving meaningful impact.

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