Case Study

Navigating Change: Driving Efficiency in Professional Services

Boyden identified an experienced interim manager who led a successful transformation program, improving efficiency and aligning processes for effective reporting.

By Lisa Farmer

The Client

We were asked by a client to identify an experienced interim to lead a transformation programme for a professional services business going through a significant step change. The business transformation was being sponsored by the CEO, who was focused on gearing the company to be as efficient and streamlined as possible to support the growth it had experienced.

The Challenge

The business was going through a growth period and needed more effective processes and procedures to ensure the smooth delivery of its services in the UK and internationally.

The Solution

Following a full briefing from the client, the Boyden team shared a shortlist with the client within a few days. They shared profiles of experienced interim managers who had worked on numerous, similar projects for clients. An interim was identified with strong operational and programme experience, excellent stakeholder management experience, and the ability to mobilise at pace. The interim was able to identify and implement the foundation needed to build a comprehensive infrastructure to set the business up for further success

The Results

The interim was able to work with the business to implement fundamental steps and changes across all parts of the business, including technology and finance. Strategic partners were identified, and processes were aligned with the needs of the company and embedded with training, resulting in increased efficiency and effective reporting.

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