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PE/VC Trends Report: Industrial Edition

ESG Evolution

ESG investing is showing growth and promises resilience in a challenging macroenvironment


"We are at the beginning of an ESG 2.0 phase. Correlations between ESG scores and shareholder value reveal mixed results, and the unbridled rush to net zero has contributed to geopolitical instability and overcommitments to unsustainable technology long-term. We are seeing more sober, pragmatic deals around green technologies – many of them in clean innovations related to legacy energy – and a flight to quality over press releases on people and governance."

- Jim Harmon
Managing Partner, Canada



Stratospheric growth in climate investing is set to continue, especially in industrials


"ESG today is a real and concrete concern, close to the hearts of all stakeholders across investors, clients, suppliers, regulators, employers and employees – and as soon as Gen Z become the new business leaders, ESG will become even more paramount. There is no way back."

- Luís Aguiar
Partner, Portugal



The environment remains on top, but LP interest in the social component is mounting


"With the right investors and talent, the 21st century could trigger the economy because of everything that needs to be addressed in society. We are seeing more startups and more companies willing to focus on social impact. Diversity, in every way, is essential to innovate, gather new visions, solutions and new perspective to better understand the changes occurring in society, and where the investment are needed. There is a huge opportunity to promote new technological advances and tools for society. The more diversity and vision of the complexity of the markets a company has, the better understanding it will have about the current world and the better it will be able to reach the required levels of resilience and results."

- Lourdes Lopez
Partner, Spain



Accountability, transparency and corporate responsibility are the holy trinity of governance


"Private equity players are facing broader and a significantly higher focus from their stakeholders and investors on ESG goals – and the ability to proof progress in their portfolio companies. Transparency in a goal-driven and progress proof approach becomes increasingly important, yet the good news is that progress creates more attractive companies for employees, stakeholders, value creation etc., and have the potential to earn a premium at exit."

- Henrik Harbo
Managing Partner, Denmark


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