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In conversation with Mayfield's Gamiel Gran, Boyden's Patrick Naef joins as guest co-host in a conversation with Eash Sundaram, JetBlue's Chief Digital and Technology Officer and the Chair of JetBlue Technology Ventures

By Patrick Naef
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Episode 13

Commercial aviation is 106 years old, but one airline has discovered an innovative way to bring fresh ideas to air travel. In Episode 13 of CXO of the future podcast, Gamiel Gran and I talk with Eash Sundaram, JetBlue’s Chief Digital and Technology Officer and the Chair of JetBlue Technology Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of JetBlue Airways. Eash is a member of the executive leadership team and is responsible for technologies, digital, and innovation for the airline. He also oversees strategy, vision, and implementation of technology solutions that align with the value airline’s business model to offer consistent service and maximize investment.

Most people in the role of CIO started in technology, but not Eash: he kicked things off on the transportation and logistics side of the house. He started as a frontline employee at an American container terminal and with his deep passion for transportation he slowly grew through the ranks. While in school he studied CS, but continued to view technology as a critical toolkit rather than a skillset.

Listen to Podcast Episode 13 here.

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