Boyden is pleased to share the appointment news of Dr. Lynn Mikula, a recruitment co-led by Pamela Colquhoun and Jim Stonehouse

Peterborough, ON – Dec 12, 2022

Following extensive stakeholder consultation and a national recruitment process, Dr. Lynn Mikula has been selected as the next President & CEO for Peterborough Regional Health Centre. She will take on this new position beginning March 31, 2023.

Dr. Mikula brings with her a vast wealth of knowledge, experience and strong personal and professional connections with both the Health Centre and the Peterborough community she calls home.

“Dr. Mikula embodies the qualities identified by our stakeholders as being vitally important in a hospital leader, and from the beginning of the process, she was a standout candidate,” says Robert Gibson, Chair of PRHC’s Board of Directors. “She is an experienced hospital leader and surgeon with an impressive career background, and she devotes a great deal of passion and energy to the Health Centre and its people. Her leadership as Chief of Staff has earned her widespread respect among her colleagues at the hospital, in the community and throughout the region, particularly over the last several years of the COVID-19 pandemic, through which she has been a strong, reassuring and highly-visible presence.”

Throughout the recruitment process, the Board’s executive search committee received submissions and conducted interviews with a talented pool of candidates, and while the competition was substantial, Dr. Mikula ultimately demonstrated herself to be the frontrunner to lead PRHC into the future.

“I think what we can say about Dr. Mikula is that her energy, drive and vision for this organization were unmatched during the search process, and that her reputation and track record as a leader are second to none,” says Gibson. “She has an in-depth understanding of the current challenges in healthcare and a clear vision for acute healthcare in Peterborough, and she sees a path forward to a vibrant and exciting future for PRHC. We are so pleased to have identified a candidate who embodies all of the qualities we and our stakeholders have been seeking, and to have found those qualities in an individual who has a strong, established history with PRHC and our community.”

“I am thrilled and honoured to have been selected,” says Dr. Mikula. “I am constantly inspired by the people of PRHC, who bring so much dedication, passion and skill to their work every day. The last few years have had their challenges, but working together, I’m confident that we will emerge as a regional hospital that is leading the way with partnership, innovation, and above all, a focus on excellent care. I’d like to thank the Board of Directors for their confidence in my leadership and my vision. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity.”

Dr. Mikula earned her MD CM at McGill University, followed by surgical residency and fellowship at the University of Toronto. She has an MSc in cancer genetics from the University of Toronto and a Master of Management from McGill. During her time at PRHC she has held the roles of Chief of Surgery, Chief of Staff, Chief Medical Executive and Executive Vice President. She lives in Peterborough with her husband and their three children.

Original Source: PRHC News

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