Perspectives from Boyden's Global Financial Services Experts on Banking, FinTech, Real Estate, Insurance, Wealth & Asset Management

A roundtable discussion led by Boyden's Global Financial Services Practice Co-Leaders, Carlos Dafauce and Joost Goudsmit.

As the grip of COVID-19 continues to impact us globally, Boyden is tapping into the deep collective knowledge base of our partners to bring industry insights and prescriptive learnings to the forefront.

In this issue of Resilient Leadership, Boyden shares the expert opinion of our Financial Services leaders across the major world markets:

Anita Pouplard, France
Caroline Golenko, France
Derrick Chow, Canada
Dina Akimova, Russia
Dr. Dirk Friederich, Germany
Eduardo Rabassa, U.S.A.
Giovanni Donati, U.K.
Juliet Hardingham, U.K.
Kanu Rajguru, U.A.E.
Karen Kosiba Edwards, U.S.A.
Krista Espaldon, Singapore & China
Richard Plaistowe, U.K.
Russ Silvestri, U.S.A

In a virtual roundtable discussion with Boyden's Global Financial Services Practice Co-Leaders, Carlos Dafauce and Joost Goudsmit, the group explores where opportunities may lie across a series of industry segments, the accelerated focus on technology, transformational trends, and the leadership skill set to deliver.

Find key insights from the roundtable discussion in the following pages. 

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