Perspectives from Boyden's Global Financial Services Experts on Banking, FinTech, Real Estate, Insurance, Wealth & Asset Management

A roundtable discussion led by Boyden's Global Financial Services Practice Co-Leaders, Carlos Dafauce and Joost Goudsmit.

Carlos Dafauce: Many leadership lessons will be learned from the pandemic. What do you feel will be one of those top lessons?

Eduardo Rabassa (U.S.A.): I’ve had the privilege of working with great leaders during this crisis. Top lesson: ADAPTABILITY.

Nobody was prepared to keep teams motivated and focused on a 100% remote world. Meetings, confidential info, strategic discussions, debates, hard decisions….everything has transitioned from “in person” to “virtual” without time to learn and be prepared.

I saw great leaders who have developed new skills through initiative, curiosity and passion to keep all teams engaged in such a difficult time.

Dr. Dirk Friederich (Germany): From my point of view, the main lesson that could be learned in the COVID-19 time is that one should keep calm, and in addition to a sound response, continue to tackle the relevant issues that were there pre-crisis, and not fall into unrest.

Juliet Hardingham (U.K.): From a leadership perspective, attributes around resilience, agility, trust, and empathetic leadership have been the making of many but will also be the detriment of leaders lacking in these qualities.

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