A comprehensive special report on the shifting landscape in career development, developed by Boyden Finland and OnWork

Boyden Finland, in conjunction with OnWork, a talent management consultancy, has published an extensive report on the changing dynamics of sales and marketing careers across Finland and the Nordics. The report, titled Sales and Marketing Talent Landscape takes a deep dive into how sales and marketing skill sets and organizational needs have evolved due to technology and other career factors that have changed the business landscape.

Boyden Finland’s Managing Partner Carita Lahti stated; “There’s no doubt that technology is one of the primary factors contributing to the shift of career skills needed by today’s sales and marketing executives. We’ve heard from organizational leaders across multiple industries that there is clear demand for scalable sales and marketing talent that can effectively use technology to not only build business but accelerate career growth”.

The report also looks at diversity, education, soft skills and career choices as factors that influence how sales and marketing careers across Finland and the Nordics have evolved. “We looked at career progression at every level”, stated Jan Gustafsson, Managing Partner with Boyden Finland. “By exploring how individuals climb the career ladder, we have a better perspective on executive profiles that will help us understand the changing talent management landscape”.

The data in the comprehensive report data was based on 1,700+ sales and marketing profiles in Boyden Finland’s database, and utilized advanced analytics from statistical modelling to machine learning to make sense of the data.

To download the entire report, click here. For more information please contact Carita Lahti or Jan Gustafsson.

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