Executive Brief

Change Management Advisor

June 2021

Key Opportunities and Challenges

Impact & Growth: BCI has gone through significant growth in recent years as it has grown from an organization of 180 staff to over 600 by 2022. The organization has evolved from largely a domestically-focused, indirect investment organization to one that has doubled in staff, become more active and direct investment oriented, globally focused, and moved into new investment strategies. BCI has quietly become one of the largest institutional investors in Canada and potentially one of the most influential Canadian organizations on a global scale. There is no other organization in North America of the size of BCI that is going through this amount of change and growth.

New Function: The evolution and growth of BCI has led to an unprecedented amount of change across the organization. As a result, BCI recruited Steven Ogram to help create Change Management function that can support change initiatives, programs and projects across the organization. There is now an established change management model and process in place but while the company has relied on external resources, the continued demand for services has created the need to hire a new Change Management Advisor to add to the team. This is truly a unique opportunity to help build and shape a new function for one of the most influential companies in Canada.

Projects: The Change Management Advisor will have opportunities to work on a diverse range of interesting and impactful projects. The mandate is both strategic and operational - to ensure projects meet objectives on time, increase employee adoption and usage, and ensure alignment with organization-wide change management efforts. The successful candidate will need to be highly adaptable and comfortable taking a lead role on specific OCM projects as well as playing broad on several diverse projects at a time. These activities may include providing change management support to technology implementation projects, business process automation, stakeholder assessment, developing change management plans and communication material, supporting training initiatives, and other activities. 

Technology and Systems: A significant portion of the current change management project portfolio includes the implementation of wholly or partially new technology and systems. Driving faster adoption, higher utilization of and proficiency with these technological changes will be key in fully realizing the benefits of these technological and systematic changes.

Work across the Organization: Success will be partly predicated on the ability of the Change Management Advisor to influence and build close relationships and partnerships across the organization. In particular, the Advisor will work closely with functions such as HR, Technology & Innovation, and Communications as well as other internal client groups. A strong multi-level leader, influencer and communicator will be required to gain support and establish credibility and buy-in from not only those who are ambivalent but also to align the many passionate and enthusiastic stakeholders. In an organization that relies heavily on measurable outcomes, the Advisor must bring a project management mindset and process-oriented approach by working to secure data, analyze risk, and use the data to inform the plan and to track results. Being able to build credibility by demonstrating an understanding of the ‘clients’ business and providing value added programs and advice will be essential.

Culture: As with any organization that has gone through exponential growth and acquisition of talented, diverse professionals from around the world, the culture at BCI is still evolving. However, the culture can be described as seeking to empower high performing people in the continuous pursuit of excellence and sustainable success for BCI’s clients. The culture encourages collaboration, work/life flexibility and its strong core values of transparency, integrity, performance focused, accountability, world-class standards, and a client-first mindset.

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