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Boyden is a world-class executive search firm with over 75 offices in 45 countries covering North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. Founded in the United States in 1946, it was one of the first executive search firms in the world that continues to this day.

Boyden Thailand was established as the first executive search firm in Thailand in 1983, and has operated continuously ever since, providing executive talent resources to a broad client base.

The Boyden Thailand Japan Desk

Our Japan Desk provides senior level executive search services to local and overseas locations of Japanese-affiliated enterprises, primarily in manufacturing and sales operations based in ASEAN countries. We consult with clients on their business and human resources challenges and goals, then conduct local and regional executive searches to identify, recruit and assess candidates. We typically provide a shortlist of qualified candidates for client interviews within four to six weeks.

Local executives

Many Japanese companies in Southeast Asia recruit local candidates for senior executive roles, as they often possess invaluable local expertise. We draw on our own local expertise and networks to identify and recruit qualified candidates from the target market. Our rigorous search process, research skills and professional approach enable clients to hire the best-matched candidates from the local candidate pool.

Japanese talent

We also conduct local and regional searches targeting Japanese nationals for the role of Managing Director to manage overseas operations. As part of the selection process, we ensure that candidates have experience in an overseas operations base in the same sector and of the same scale as the client company. We also extend the search to executives currently working in Japan or other ASEAN countries, ideally with experience in the destination country. Candidates are carefully screened for the ability to solve the client’s most challenging problems and the competence to manage local personnel.

Areas of expertise

Target regions: Primarily Southeast Asian countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and the Philippines

Industries: Industrial (automotive, automotive components, machinery and equipment, construction, chemicals, materials, electronics, engineering, etc.), technology, consumer products, healthcare, life sciences, advertising, media, professional services, financial and others

Positions: Senior management (president, managing director, country manager), plant director, vice president, manager (director, general manager)

Functions: Sales, marketing, human resources, general operations, finance, accounting, legal, procurement, purchasing, production technology, research and development, IT


Seiji Iwamura
Regional Director, Japan Desk
+ 66 2654 0760

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