The AESC’s latest article on trends in the workplace

By Katja Hanns-Terrill, Marianne McNamara, Jason Murray, Nick Robeson, Thayanie Ujino, Annelize va Rensburg

Key Questions for Figuring Out What's Next

Could anyone have imagined in January of 2020 that 18 months later we’d have met our colleagues’ pets and children? That those digital tools the IT folks had been pushing (that we resisted) would become second nature? Remote work, flex schedules, tech adoption and other COVID-era adaptations ensured business continuity when so many people suddenly had to work from home.

The workplace flexibility that allowed this massive shift to remote work was already gaining traction in certain environments well before COVID-19, and now it is unlikely that the world will return to pre-pandemic norms. How organizations adapt to this disruption will have significant, lasting implications for organizational success, however that success is measured.

Several critical decision points loom large as organizations imagine and ultimately construct their post-pandemic model: their version of a “hybrid office” and how they make the shift, the implications for recruiting and retention, identifying key leadership skills for a hybrid workforce and addressing hybrid’s impact on people and culture. Ultimately, organizations must answer the question ‘what happens next?’.....

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