Boyden's Doug Ehrenkranz shares a preview of his insight and perspectives on the trending topics impacting the consumer and retail industries in 2017. 

By Doug Ehrenkranz
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At the beginning of every year, I publish an overview that highlights some topics and trends in several sectors that impact my recruiting practice and the positions for which our clients are recruiting. Whatever your business may be, these are topics and trends that are inevitably impacting your company, your customers, and your life. 

The topics vary, but I believe they will be helpful in giving you some new insight and perspective. In each case, these industry forecasts for the coming year are changing what companies will be doing on several fronts. 

Topics and Trends Making Waves in Marketing

The Ebb and Flow of Government Regulation

How to Keep Up with the Various “-tarian” Consumers

Flavor Topics and Trends for 2017 Include

No matter what industry or function you are in, 2017 will be a year of change like no other. There are a lot of things in play and flux.  Staying on top of these topics and trends at the micro and macro level must be a priority.

Have a great year!

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