Boyden Executive Survey

Asia-Pacific Regional Analysis: Strengthening the human-centric core of Industry 5.0

How can organisations thrive in a complex world of risk?

This regional report explores the risks and challenges organisations currently face, and how talent is now key to leveraging the digital advances we depend upon for growth and value creation. Specific to respondents across Asia-Pacific, the report is based on data from our 2022 global report, Strengthening the human-centric core of Industry 5.0. Additional insights from Boyden experts in various sectors across the region help form a nuanced picture of the Asia-Pacific leadership and executive talent landscape. 

Asia-Pacific leaders have a broad focus, driving growth through digital transformation, innovation and diversification, while striving for visibility to inspire teams and drive change.  

Having the stamina and energy to focus also on leadership talent comes across as a challenge, with limited recognition of attracting/retaining talent as a valuable soft skill among senior leaders.

As Industry 5.0 gains momentum, our research shows that this era needs people-focused leadership. Human capital and digital capabilities need to be further aligned to maximise their potential, jointly and separately.

The business environment is impacted by geopolitical risk, economic volatility and rising costs. Maximising the skills and capabilities of boards, leaders, executives and teams is an on-going priority as human ingenuity drives us forward.  

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