A special regional supplement to Boyden’s Global Executive Survey: The CHRO and the Future Organization, this report examines the evolving role of the CHRO specific to the Social Impact Practice across U.S. and Canada.

Countless companies in all industries are undergoing major transformations to manage new demands and prepare for the future. Chief Human Resources Officers and senior HR executives are often key drivers of change and are gaining prominence as part of the C-Suite and board.

Complementary to Boyden’s recently published Global CHRO Executive Survey, which drew findings from over 300 CHROs and other HR executives, the CHRO Social Impact Practice Report – North America looks at the evolving role of the CHRO specific to the social impact sector across U.S. and Canada. This regional supplement report presents survey results demonstrating key themes across AI and Technology, Influence, and Diversity.

For global results, click here to find Boyden's CHRO Executive Survey, published in a three-part series.

Results are based on a limited sample survey conducted between August 4 – September 15, 2019

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