Case Study

From Self-Awareness to a High-Performing Team, Promoting Leadership Diversity

By João Guedes Vaz

The Client

Our client is a global consulting and IT services company which has been acquired by one of the largest global IT companies recently. Known for providing a high level of accountability to their people and also by their entrepreneurship and employee-centric culture, they have been growing double-digit for a long time now.

The Challenge

The CEO has felt the need to reinforce the concept of high-performing teams, working across the board from the executive team to the first line managers, a total of 75 leaders. Working collaboratively as a firm and creating an environment of psychologic safety to leverage on the diversity of leadership profiles, were their main goals.

The Solution

An excellent initiative! An enthusiastic feedback from everyone involved. A clear vision that everyone can be the professional “persona” they are and a clear view that knowing these personas is crucial to the overall group's success. Also, a surprisingly positive way to connect people in times of lockdown.

CEO, IT Consulting Firm

The Result

About the Author
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