Boyden welcomes new team in Denmark expanding global presence as market leader in Nordic region

By Peter Høyer

This article was originally published in Denmark's leading business publication - Børsen - in both print and digital editions. Click here to read the original article.

One of the world's leading companies within headhunting, American Boyden, has employed Morten Winther and Henrik Harbo, formerly part of Flensby & Partners. They become part of Boyden's global team responsible for managing and developing the company's activities in Denmark, thus expanding Boyden's market-leading global position in the Nordic region.

Morten Winther and Henrik Harbo will be leading Boyden's future growth strategy within 'Executive Search' in Denmark. The new Danish team will be located in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, making Boyden the only global top 10 'Executive Search' company in Denmark with two Danish offices. Morten Winther and Henrik Harbo enter Boyden as leading partners. Furthermore, Marika Grote from Flensby & Partners joins as Head of Research.

"What makes it unique is that we have a dual setup with offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen. If you look at the Jutland companies or west of the Great Belt in general, we have historically made a lot of heavy C-level (high-ranking positions) tasks. For companies, we see it as an opportunity to access some quite interesting candidates because we have deep insight into the Jutland mole, and at the same time we gain access to global talent," says Morten Winther, one of the two new leading partners in Boyden's Danish team.

Important Danish market

Since March this year, the global company has serviced its Danish customers from foreign offices. The previous department in Denmark jumped over to the American-owned company Amrop. It has now changed with the new team, which need to ensure growth in a Danish market, which is highly trusted.

"Denmark is an important market not only in Europe but across the globe. Many Danish companies have expanded their market far beyond Danish borders, and as one of the largest and most affiliated companies in the industry, we will be able to serve those customers in their expanding markets, which exist for them not only in Denmark but in the Nordic region and the rest of the world," says CEO of Boyden, Trina Gordon, and continues:

"With offices in Aarhus and Copenhagen, we can serve several industrial and technology companies, private equity companies and venture companies. We can see that it is a unique value proposition for our new Danish customers."

Boyden is one of the world's leading global actors in leadership and talent consulting services with more than 65 offices in 40 countries. For the second consecutive year, Boyden is ranked top 10 on Forbes' list 'Best Recruiting Firms' in 2018. It is the second year the list is being published.

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