Case Study

Interim Head of Learning Development: Creation of an International Learning Architecture as a Success Factor for Future Development

Discover the path of strategic transformation led by the Interim Head of Learning Development, driving organizational visibility and future-focused skills alignment at an automation technology company

By Norbert Eisenberg

The Client 

This Boyden client is a prominent German company, currently in its third generation of family ownership, specialising in connectivity, interface electronics for plant engineering, and the production of components for automation technology componets. Additionally, the company provides comprehensive system solutions, emcompassing hardware and software consulting, development, and realted services.

The Challenge

The Interim Manager was tasked with advancing the Learning and Development function by addressing the following key areas:

The Solution

Drawing on extensive experience in learning and development within international companies of varying ownership structures, our interim manager possesses the ideal qualifications to establish and further develop the necessary changes across all of the client's locations.

The project was structured as followed:

The initial challenge involved addressing resource bottlenecks and securing the team’s acceptance of the change process. Effective coordination, communication, fostering a positive error culture, as well as conflict management were crucial for project success. Additionally, sensitive and efficient interface management and establishing closer collaboration with key stakeholders, as the HRD department, were essential factors.

The Results

After a few months, the implementation plan for the new concept, team organisation, and collaboration was completed. Thanks to the leadership and motivation of the interim manager, the team gradually internalised the new roles and structures.

Preparations were made for the further and independent rollout of the concept from the following month, then without the interim manager’s involvement.

The set goals were achieved:

The project was successfully handed over to the team within the agreed upon time frame.

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