Case Study

Interim Management Operational Transformation

Boyden Interim Management supports a large family-owned company in the automotive supply industry with two interim managers during a period of important necessary structural transformation.

By Norbert Eisenberg

The Client

A successful, large family-owned company in the automotive supply industry with a broad product range and several billion EUR in sales is using interim management to efficiently and effectively carry out the adjustments required by the changes in the automotive industry and company-wide but also focusing on individual plants.

The Challenge

A stagnating business and pressure on margins in the supplier sector for internal combustion engines, growth, numerous product restarts, and electromobility supplier product redesigns. It was a very heterogeneous situation with regard to processes and efficiency, as well as considering a global production footprint, and is the reason for designing and implementing a cross-site change program to improve operational excellence.                      

The Solution

As part of this transformation project, Boyden took on two interim management roles:

Develop standardized target processes in the area of electrical components, initially to be implemented in one plant as a model case, then to be extended to the entire production network as a proven change management tool.

Operational improvement in a foreign plant with significant deficits - high scrap rates and delivery unreliability.

The Result

Both managers were able to make the expected contribution enhancing the transformation process to improving the company's performance:

In the electrical components area, optimized processes were introduced, supported by new IT systems, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) was significantly lifted in all plants involved.

In the other case, quality was significantly risen, the scrap rate was drastically reduced, and the previously practiced scrapping of discarded parts was discontinued in favor of a recycling solution; delivery reliability was brought to an excellent level.

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