Case Study

Leadership Strategy and Succession Planning in Banking Acquisitions

A top regional bank leveraged strategic leadership assessments to seamlessly integrate and motivate executives post-acquisition, driving success across multiple markets

By Edward Tonchew

The Client

A leading Regional Banking Group, present in seven markets, acquired a large bank operating in three of those markets.

The Challenge

Following the acquisition, the Client needed to integrate the new bank while aligning the human resources strategy. A crucial part of this process was assessing the leadership potential of key executives from both the acquired bank and the existing regional banking group. This assessment aimed to support leadership development and succession planning.

The Solution

Boyden Serbia developed a customized assessment process to ensure an accurate and unbiased evaluation of the leadership capabilities of executives from the acquired bank and their counterparts in the regional banking group. Our approach focused on the Client's key values and human resources strategy, aiming to enhance the integration process and motivate all executives to continue their careers with the Client.

Our activities included:

The Result

Boyden’s efforts enabled the Client to effectively position key executives across the three integration markets. This ensured the optimal allocation of strategic leadership resources, bringing maximum added value to the Client and motivating executives to remain with the organization. Additionally, we provided planned individual development strategies for continued leadership growth.

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