Case Study

Partner – Consulting Services Finance Function

Boyden's targeted approach secured a reputable partner to develop consulting in the finance function in Spain.

By Lourdes Lopez

The Client

Our client is one of the largest professional services firms worldwide. Among other services, the company offers management consulting services to various sectors and has been expanding its consulting division for the finance function, which aids in defining and implementing the best strategy for the financial department.

Due to market opportunities and the goal of growth, Boyden has been appointed to search for a senior professional with a strong reputation within the finance function of companies in Spain. This individual should have a track record of assisting CFOs in developing their strategy and driving this division to the next level.

The Challenge

Our client faced a highly competitive landscape within management consulting in Spain and a shortage of senior executives well-positioned within the finance function.

Boyden was retained to identify a seasoned partner with a proven track record in business strategy, business development, client relationship management, project management, and experience managing a P&L.

Ideally, the client sought someone with a high degree of autonomy in client management and results attainment, commercial focus/capacity, and the ability to manage complex projects within large accounts, including IBEX35 companies.

The Solution

In response to the client's needs, we established a robust partnership characterized by a commitment to deadlines and specific objectives vital for enhancing business performance. Key steps included identifying where we could find the right person. Considering the scarcity of professionals who fully comply with the requirements, we prioritized requirements to broaden the search scope and agreed on flexibility, prioritizing the right fit with the company culture and business objectives.

We formed an international team to map both Spanish and overseas professionals with strong exposure to the Spanish market and who are willing to relocate.

The Results

After conducting extensive market mapping and assessing relevant candidates, we identified potential candidates with a solid background for the role presented to our client. We accompanied our client and the candidate through the entire process.

One candidate was selected, and Boyden provided assessment to facilitate successful negotiation and smooth onboarding and integration. The candidate has easily adapted to the organization, is developing positive relationships with peers, and is achieving positive business results.

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