By James Hunt

In this edition, James Hunt, Partner, shares his views on industry trends in the Private Equity & Venture Capital sector and how to succeed as an interim manager in a competitive market. With a firm spotlight on the sector, James also analyses the key challenges, opportunities and how interim managers can play a key role in its success.

James Hunt, Partner, UK Interim Management

As a Partner in Boyden’s Interim Management Practice, can you tell us about your background?

I have been in recruitment since leaving the Army in 1993. I initially worked in IT contract recruitment at Harvey Nash (where I worked with Nick Robeson) before moving into interim management in 2001. 

What are your focuses and priorities for Private Equity & Venture Capital practice in the UK?

I want to get to know the Operating and Value Creation teams in PE firms. We can really help them maximise their portfolio assets through the strategic use of experienced Interim managers.

How do you manage your client’s needs, for both Interim Executives and Permanent, to support their businesses?

The better we understand the client and their requirements, the better we can accurately search for the most relevant candidates that fit their needs. In interim, speed is paramount and the more information we get helps to speed up the process.

What do you see as the key challenges and opportunities within Private Equity & Venture Capital sector for 2023?

Due to the various economic crises and global difficulties PE firms’ assets, in many areas, will find 2023 more challenging. We need to manage their assets more closely and help cut costs and implement short-term strategies to address lower revenues, higher costs, and supply chain issues – which may lead to increased use of interim managers.

What do Boyden Candidates and Clients value the most in the Boyden approach?

I think they value the quality of advice due to our combined years of experience. We give objective and practical advice and are genuinely collegiate.

How do you measure your success when working with interim managers and clients?

For candidates, I want them to get good advice – we act as true advisors and don’t waste their time on roles that aren’t relevant.

For clients, they need to feel that working with us is seamless. We give them a good choice of relevant candidates and provide the level of service we promised them.

What do you look for in a great Executive profile?

I want to see CVs that detail what they achieved in their assignments. CVs should showcase any extended roles or if a candidate has been re-hired by clients.

What are your top tips to be a successful candidate in the Interim / Executive Search industry?

Candidates should decide where their skills lie. Don’t try and persuade us they can do roles that aren’t suitable. At this level, clients and candidates can become interchangeable so, it’s about working together.

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