In conversation with Mayfield's Gamiel Gran, Boyden's Patrick Naef and Stuart Evans, Distinguished Service Professor, CMU are featured in Episode 10 of Mayfield's new podcast series. 

By Patrick Naef
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Episode 10: Driving Change

In this time of uncertainty, business leaders are searching for ways to adapt. How can the CIO drive this change thoughtfully? I join Mayfield's Gamiel Gran as guest in a discussion with Dr. Stuart Evans, a Distinguished Service Professor at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, where he teaches innovation & entrepreneurship. He is a board member, educator, and author, focused on dynamic high-tech ventures. Stuart and I are friends as well as colleagues and have worked together on a variety of projects over the past twenty years. Here, alongside Gamiel, we discuss teaching innovation and entrepreneurship, lending insights into the need to leverage intelligence to drive innovation. We also tap into the CIO’s role and how it is changing, and why now is the best time to seize bold ideas.

Listen to Podcast Episode 10 here.

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