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In conversation with Mayfield's Gamiel Gran, Boyden's Patrick Naef joins Mayfield for Episode 1 of the new podcast series.

By Patrick Naef
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Recently I was honoured to join Mayfield for their inaugural episode of a new podcast series: CXO of the Future Podcast.

In conversation with Mayfield's Gamiel Gran, we discuss the vision of the CXO of the Future, pointing out how many traditional companies are moving more towards having a CIO-level technology expert on their board and why a CIO should have the ability to drive the business’ vision to one day become CEO of these technology-driven companies. We discuss why the most important person is the one that makes the most impact versus the one with the bigger budget or more people to lead. Every dollar spent on technology should be seen as an investment in the product, because ultimately the investment in technology is what drives your product or service forward. That is why an IT leader needs to have a deep understanding of technology and a passion for it, and why CIOs need to be strong leaders and visionaries who are capable of understanding and speaking about the business side of technology.

Listen to Podcast Episode 1 here:

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