Boyden Executive Survey

Talent-led transformation in a post-pandemic world: Latin America

How can global business leaders deliver on ambitions of growth and reinvention?


The senior leaders in Latin America who participated in our study are very confident in their organisation’s growth potential. Expansion into new markets and the development of new products are strategic priorities and also a means to attract the best talent. Operational leadership is therefore the top priority in hiring, with an additional focus on operational capabilities at the board level. Directors need a refined understanding of regional economies and cultural awareness to drive the development of new products and markets.

Industrial, technology and healthcare & life sciences sectors are key drivers of business growth in the region. They are under pressure to retain talent, develop people through leadership assessment and hire the right leaders to take advantage of exceptional growth potential.

In order to deliver on ambitions of growth, business leaders need to ensure they have the right talent to align to organisational strategy, scrutinised by board directors with the right skills profile. This region has an impressive cadre of leaders skilled in navigating uncertainty and volatility. With so much opportunity in regional and global markets, organisations with the right leadership may yet improve growth forecasts.

Report Contributors

Meet our Boyden discussion participants from across Latin America:

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