The pandemic accelerated the processes of social, technological, and economic evolution that had already been underway for several years. The business world has changed and with it, the leadership model.

By Boyden Italy
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The "command and control" approach to leading an organization that has characterized previous decades is no longer the winning model. The new leader must first and foremost be authentic.

The authentic leader is able to show how to achieve business goals by example rather than by command, using a management style founded on authenticity, awareness, and transparency. An authentic leader is able to inspire loyalty and trust by consistently showing who they truly are as a person, and how they feel about the performance of their people.

Smart working and forced isolation have generated anxiety and worry in many people compelled to work without in-person contact, which can cause them to lose sight of the priorities and objectives. These are difficulties that can only be contained and resolved by a leader capable of listening and proving themselves to be in tune with the team.

The authentic leader changes the paradigm of leadership: the center is no longer occupied by the boss who has all the answers, but by a person who is not afraid to show their vulnerabilities.

An individual who is aware of their own limits and, for this reason, capable of valuing all the people around him/her individually, creating the conditions for everyone to feel motivated and capable of contributing in the best possible way.

The results in terms of production and activity are decidedly superior.

The strong foundation of trust generated among the team by authentic leadership allows people to collaborate effectively, openly discussing problems and different points of view, with a shared commitment to the realization of objectives that can also change as time goes on.

At Boyden Italy, we believe in authentic leadership as the right solution to profitably navigate today's business world.

Our approach to developing leaders is already in tune with the new management style and is based on activating authentic feeling in groups to establish a climate of trust and bonding through moments of co-construction and mutual collaboration that are the core of the most successful teams.

Training through coaching sessions enables us to accompany leaders, step by step, in harmony with the whole company.

Contact us for more information on what we can do to evolve your leadership and your organization.

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