Boyden’s John Caminiti and CARE Canada President & CEO, Barbara Grantham discuss what the first year of leadership looks like amidst COVID19 transformation.

By John Caminiti

Stepping into a new leadership role is exhilarating yet challenging. Now factor in the global pandemic. In discussion with Boyden’s John Caminiti, leaders share the unique experiences and lessons learned of not only leading during the pandemic, but the unchartered territory of also stepping in as a new CEO.  

In this edition, John Caminiti is joined by Barbara Grantham, President & CEO, CARE Canada, an organization that works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice.  As a new CEO amidst the pandemic, they discuss what it took to adapt and steps taken to get to know the team, operations, and culture during large-scale uncertainty and change. Barbara also explains how the pandemic provided a significant opportunity for the world of international NGOs. 

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