How do I make my CV stand out?

As an Interim Executive, the presentation of your CV is the most important document, for both clients and the interim service provider. Your CV is your primary opportunity to make an impression. Your goal should be to present your background completely yet succinctly.

Stand out in the market by being succinct and zeroing in on what recruiters want to know.

The interim executive’s CV is their most important document. It should be polished, professional, well thought-out and worthy of an accomplished senior manager. Above all, it should inspire confidence that you are capable and motivated to take on any challenge.

Think about your audience. In interim management, this is especially important, because at Boyden your information will be uploaded to a global database, where it must command the attention of consultants who are working under pressure. Make it easy for them to quickly understand why you are the most qualified candidate.

Focus on deliverables, outcomes, impact, size, and scale. Your CV should communicate how you benefited each business you have worked with, whether in sales growth, margin improvement, efficiencies, overhead reduction or risk mitigation – and how quickly you were able to deliver results.

Make sure your experience is relevant and recent. Clients will be most interested in what you have done within the past 5-10 years. When we present you as a candidate for a specific opportunity, we will work with you to highlight your most relevant projects and de-emphasize or omit what is not relevant.

Avoid common pitfalls. As interim solution providers, we are often required to work at a fast pace; therefore candidates who present themselves in the clearest way and have the most relevant experience will likely be the candidates contacted for a role.

If interested in an interim executive position please submit your CV or contact us for more information.

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