Interested in joining Boyden’s network of interim executives?

Boyden have been a provider of interim executives for many decades, and as such our interim talent pool is typically made up of career interim managers. It can be difficult for candidates to establish themselves as an interim, particularly in the first year, however with perseverance and commitment to the interim market, you can build a fulfilling career.  

Past Interim Experience

Even if throughout your permanent career you have operated as a change agent at Board or management level, and you have worked in multiple restructuring roles and growth businesses, you will still need to demonstrate that you can deliver these projects in the capacity of an interim manager.

The work may be the same or similar, however, you are required to get the results whilst being an outsider. You won’t know the business well, individual champions, or even potential blockers. In some cases, your appointment may result in hostility from some of the people you will be working with. For this reason, we need to know that you can integrate quickly and deliver results at pace, which is evidenced by the successful delivery of previous interim assignments.


Interim Executives often work internationally, and having the ability to interview at short notice is essential.

Being accessible globally and nationally is essential as many roles will require you to be based away from home Monday through to Friday. The ability to meet clients at short notice will often give an interim executive a distinct advantage.


Several qualifications and requirements are needed in order to be considered.

1. Minimum 6 – 12 months interim experience

2. Professional references and recommendations

3. Demonstrated track record of past interim assignments

If the above sounds like you, please submit your details to us through our online application.

If in doubt, do get in touch for further information.

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