What are Boyden's top 10 recommended tips?

Your CV is your first foot in the door when it comes to building relationships with providers and clients. Here we talk about what you can do beyond your CV.

Tip 1: Ensure your CV is up to date and your network knows your available

Tip 2: Ensure your referees are primed to provide a reference

Tip 3: Be clear on your proposition, what is your elevator pitch?

Tip 4: Build relationships with people relevant to your line of work

Tip 5: Always think about your personal brand;

Tip 6: Adjust CV for every pitch – Most interim managers have a lot of project experience but clients can get lost through information overflow. Adjusting your cv and highlight what is relevant to THIS particular project

Tip 7: At the start make sure you have weekly reviews to ensure that the provider, you, and the client are all on the same page when it comes to deliverables. One of the first objectives for many projects is to fully define the scope of work

Tip 8: Be honest! Clearly communicate the good, the bad, and the ugly. Most businesses hire an interim because they want an honest, external view of what is really going on

Tip 9: The sign of a good interim is one who delivers quickly and upskills the incumbent permanent team. Clearly communicate to the client when you feel you are no longer adding value, even if this is earlier than the original end date

Tip 10: Ensure your final four weeks are used to properly handover and leave a legacy. There is no point doing a great job, for everything to then fall over when you walk away. Leave your manager with a report of what has been achieved, what is left to deliver, lessons learnt and the potential upcoming risks.

If you're looking for an interim position please submit your CV here or contact one of our interim experts.

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