Digital Transformation

Digital Business Transformation? A Question of Leadership

All organizations are involved in the Digital Business Transformation to survive and thrive in the Digital Age.

However, this transformation requires a quantum leap in leadership to encourage innovation and the introduction of new business models. This has caused the demand for competent digital leaders to increase significantly.

It's important for a leader to create a culture and behaviors that encourage collaboration, transparency, and experimentation such as being able to take risks or learn quickly from their mistakes. For this reason, every single company must have leaders who can deploy the ideal approach to lead it to success. To support our clients as they navigate the Digital Business Transformation, we need to work on two dimensions: culture and behavior.

Boyden Italy has developed a portfolio of customized services that aim to align purely technological aspects with personnel-related implications, prepare the organization for cultural change, and assess readiness for change. Specifically, we focus on leader training, leadership team development, employee engagement, and talent acquisition and development.

Anders Nilsson is our Digital Business Transformation advisor, specializing in creating business opportunities, fostering Innovation in organizations on a global scale, and assisting startups in development and growth. Anders has extensive experience in senior roles in the technology industry at local, regional and global levels and in particular helped lay the foundation for Microsoft's success in Italy and played a crucial role in supporting the implementation of its cloud and mobile strategies.

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