Team Coaching Methodology

Boyden Italy's method for training a successful team

Companies are made up of individuals who, if they work together towards the same goal, can achieve great results, even beyond expectations. This simple concept represents what we at Boyden Italy try to put into practice when we work with management to help them become successful and high-performing.

In many cases, the participants are excellent, highly skilled professionals but with limited inclination to collaborate.  This is a set of individuals from which the team leader may find it difficult to extract all the value that the group potentially holds. 

We at Boyden Italy are here for them: we work with management teams to develop an environment of trust and respect, where people feel they can collaborate to the best of their ability, providing skills and attitudes to integrate individuality and diversity. This is done through careful work with the team and through a number of methodologies that have proven effective over time.

Once a climate of trust has been established, we work on individual commitment and responsibility in order to achieve, through collective activity, the priorities that the team has set for itself. In doing so, we are highly attentive to the culture and style of the company. Each program is carefully prepared on the basis of our knowledge of the people and the organization, adapting our way of working to the specific needs and values of each company. The ultimate goal is to make the group stronger, more mindful, and more cohesive, able to successfully navigate the dynamics of the market as a team.

Giancarlo Pavan is an expert in human resources with extensive experience in the development and implementation of HR strategies and processes in a variety of sectors.

Over the course of his career, he has held positions as Senior HR Director at the European and global level in complex matrix organizations, acquiring expertise in HR and in strategic and tactical leadership.

He has worked with senior executives, assisting them in the evaluation of actions and strategic direction with particular attention to organization and leadership.

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